I am running a Groupon campaign to take The Pooch Parlour to the next level. I am a Level 2 qualified groomer and have started my business from scratch.  I have 2 years of grooming experience and have groomed over 250 dogs in this time of various breeds and temperaments.  I have around 100 regular clients and have had lovely feedback about how much more relaxed dogs are after they are groomed by me.  I also have a 5 star Facebook rating.  I love what I do and will treat your dog as my own.

If you have bought a Groupon voucher recently here is a helpful guide including terms and conditions as the Groupon website is not very user friendly.

  • The Groupon deal is for new customers only.
  • You can only use 1 voucher at any time (if you have more than one dog you want grooming at the same time, you will have to pay full price for the 2nd dog).  Therefore if you have bought 2 vouchers under the same name, you may be asked to pay the difference for the 2nd voucher.
  • Your Groupon voucher entitles you to a 2 hour full groom which is ample time for a dog with a well kept coat.  If the groom takes longer than 2 hours due to matts, behaviour etc, the groom may have to be completed over 2 sessions and the 2nd session will be full price, payable in advance.
  • I will need to scan the QR code on the voucher (the square black box that looks like a bar code), this can either be on your phone, or a printed copy.
  • Fully matted coats will be clipped off short all over as I am an ethical groomer and it is the kindest thing for your dog. This will take up the full 2 hours as its not easy to clip off a matted dog safely.
  • If you have a style in mind for your dog, please fetch photos to ensure you get the style you want.
  • If you are unsure of the size of the dog, please give me a phone call on 01484650304. 
  • Labradors are classed as medium, but as they are quite a large breed, can you please phone me to arrange their appointment as I will need a helper.
  • If you require a hand-strip with your voucher, the voucher entitles you to the first 2 hours of hand-stripping.  Hand-stripping is a specialist skill and is time consuming, each additional 30 minutes will be charged at £12.50 and a free bath and dry offered 2 weeks later.
  • Please no dogs with fleas! If I find a live flea on your dog I will charge £10 for a flea bath for your dog and treatment for the salon. To prevent a flea outbreak, I have to treat my salon and it could mean having to cancel other appointments and closing for the remainder of the day, so I am very strict with my flea policy.
  • Please drop off your dog 10 minutes before the appointment time so I can give you a thorough consultation and you have time to fill in your details onto a new client form.
  • Please collect your dog promptly, I will give you a time to come back and collect your dog WE ARE NOT A DAY CARE SERVICE. Late pickups may be charged at £2 per 15 minutes you are late to collect.  I hate to do this, but we are looking after your dog and keeping them safe for every minute you are late.
  • For any other queries, please phone me on 01484650304, or you can email at We also have a Facebook page