Dog relaxing in spa bath

Dead Sea Mud Bath

The Dead Sea Mud Bath is a rich formula that repels fleas and ticks, but is hypoallergenic and safe for dogs of all ages.  It is full of essential oils and minerals that will restore the coats natural beauty, strengthen the skins immune system, helps with blood circulation and prevents broken hairs.  The Mud Bath also eliminates impurities and toxins, giving a deep cleansing, de-stressing experience for your pooch.  The Dead Sea Mud Bath can be added onto a Wash and Dry, Wet Trim and Tidy, De-moult and The Works.


Moroccan Argan Oil Treatment

Anyone who has been to Morocco will know of the benefits of Argan Oil, I honeymooned in Agadir, Morocco and saw the process of Argan Oil being made, cosmetic companies are now starting to capitalize on the beauty benefits of the oil for its anti-aging properties and to ease skin complaints.  It is as good for dogs skin and coats as it is for humans skin and hair.  This luxurious 2-part treatment locks in moisture, restores shine and lustre to the dogs coat and restores smoothness.  It will repair dry and brittle coats and give new life to tangled and damaged fur.  Containing Essential Fatty Acids, it will strengthen the hair shaft and heal split ends and the vitamin E helps to maintain a healthy coat.  The Moroccan Argan Oil Treatment can be added onto a Wash and Dry, Wet Trim and Tidy, De-moult and The Works.


Lavender Relax Treatment 

This is the most luxurious and indulgent of our spa treatments.  We all know about the relaxing properties of Lavender.  This treatment is a sponge containing a lavender infused soap that leaves your dog clean and refreshed.  The sponge is designed to massage your pampered pooch.  The sponge surface removes dead skin and coat from the dog who will love the feel of the sponge.  If you are adding this treatment to your groom, your dog will also be spritzed with a lavender scented cologne to enhance the spa experience and further relax your pooch.  This is perfect for those dogs who have had problem grooms in the past as the relaxing treatment will chill them out for the parts the pooch finds stressful of the groom.  The Lavender Relax Treatment can be added onto a Wash and Dry, Wet Trim and Tidy, De-moult and The Works.


Cucumber and Melon Facial

I love a good facial, and our four-legged friends deserve one too.  Our Cucumber and Melon Facial contains all natural ingredients to clean, brighten, remove tear stains and it smells luxurious.  The facial will be massaged into your pampered pooch's face and will be a truly enjoyable and relaxing experience.  Tear staining will be reduced with regular visits for the facial.  Nose balm will be applied after the facial to the nose to restore moisture.  The Cucumber and Melon Facial can be added onto a Wash and Dry, Wet Trim and Tidy, De-moult and The Works.


Pretty Paws Pedicure

The Pretty Paws Pedicure consists of your dogs nails being cut, paws will be cleansed and soaked with a paw fizzing tablet (just like a bath bomb) that contains all natural ingredients and will deep clean, eliminating fungus, germs and bacteria, paws will be left with a clean, soothing feeling.  Paws are dried and finished with a neem oil conditioning balm applied to the pads which helps soothe cracks and and protects the pads.  Nails can be painted if required for no extra charge.


Nail Painting

Nails will be trimmed and painted, please specify the colour wanted on booking so I can ensure we have it ready for your visit.  This can be added on to any of our grooming services, or done on its own and may not need an appointment.