Timmy our Cockapoo at our wedding
Toby our Chihuahua X at our wedding

It's A Nice Day for a Woof Wedding...  

I got married last year and there was a lot I could not decide on, but one thing was for sure, we wanted our 3 pooches at our wedding.  We had it all sorted, we found a castle in Somerset that was the perfect reception venue - and dog friendly, the seafront hotel where we exchanged our vows was also dog friendly, we had sorted them out leads and bow ties in our wedding colours of black, purple and silver.  The only thing I wish we had done differently was to have our dogs groomed on the day of the wedding so they were looking their very best and also to have had someone to look after them on the morning of the wedding as it can be a very stressful time.  Despite this, the day was beautiful and a funny memory I will always have from the day will be my Yorkie sitting on the train of my dress at any opportunity.

Oscar, our Yorkie sitting on my wedding dress train

Our Special Wedding Pooch Package

You drop your dog off with us and we will ensure the hours running up to the wedding are as special for your doggie guest as they are for you.  We will treat your pooch to a full groom with the works so he or she looks their very best for your big day.  Your pooch will enjoy a complimentary spa treatment (pick one from all the treatments from our spa menu).  We will attire your dog with ribbons, flowers, bow ties, whatever you wish.  Where possible, your pooch will be dropped off at the venue ready for your big day. We will also take pictures and even video your dog so you can add it to your wedding album and DVD.

Please book early to ensure your wedding date is not booked up.  This package is available on any day of the week. You will be required to come to The Pooch Parlour for a consultation to discuss your exact requirements so your dog will look and feel stunning on your big day.


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